W A R N I N G x=

- This site can contain nudity and violence actions

- we take no responabilty for any kind of mental harm

  during visting this site or any blog link

- on doktors orders no more then 3 links a day

  for physicial healt reasons


have fun live is short





ps. this site and all links toghter that will take u 3 weeks to discover all

and 3 days 2 recover .contains maybe only 25% of what Bmen archived in his life

the rest of the 75% is burn'd trow'd away of paint over or just giv'd away before able too takepictures. Bmen could say about " You cant catch all of life why my art must be! butt hell M try'd "





Please for any more information about da B.

or for any concern about U mental healt


contact Your nearest doktor

or fill in da form and email us and we will try to help you


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